The One Minute Rule


Some of the best advice I’ve heard lately came while skimming a Buzzfeed listicle, of all things.  I don’t think they take credit for the idea, but the post mentioned something called “The One Minute Rule.”  Upon further research it seems that Gretchen Rubin (the author of The Happiness Project) came up with it. The idea is simple: if a task will take one minute or less, just do it immediately.  Some of you tidy, type-A personalities may be thinking, duh, but the rest of you stick with me here. I am not a messy person, but I’m certainly more, let’s say, relaxed in my housekeeping. I will walk past a dirty dish in the sink, an overflowing trash can, or a toy my daughter left in the middle of the floor a dozen times before I finally get around to dealing with it.  I’m definitely not perfect, but I’m making an effort to apply the One Minute Rule to my life in an effort to attack clutter and shrink my growing to-do list. Won’t you join me? Take one minute to unsubscribe from an email. Hang up your jacket. Water a plant. These small actions can have big effects on your productivity and produce momentum that can drive your entire day, week, and life.

Tried the One Minute Rule?  Comment and share how it’s going!