The DNA Test Results Are In!

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My Ancestry DNA Test Results Are In!

...and you are NOT the father!

Just kidding.  This isn’t one of those kinds of DNA tests.

Have you seen those TV commercials for Ancestry DNA?  The premise is that you send a DNA sample to Ancestry, and they analyze it and report back with your heritage.  For example, what percentage Scottish you are, or Italian, Russian, etc.

I have wanted to try Ancestry DNA for a long time, but I had some reservations about sending my DNA away to a lab.  I mean, what if I got into some sort of Stephen Avery, Making a Murderer situation and it was used against me by law enforcement?  Despite this totally valid and rational concern, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked for an Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas.

It was so easy to use.  All you do is register your kit online, spit into a test tube, and send it away.  I was a little disappointed that it takes 6-8 weeks to get your results, but it took just long enough that I had kind of forgotten about it, so when an email popped up in my inbox stating that my results were in, it was a nice little surprise.  I was excited to find out my results, but I was pretty confident they would simply confirm what I’d been told my entire life: that I am mostly of Native American (Cherokee) heritage.  

Well.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I have no significant Native American ethnicity AT ALL!  In fact, I’m mostly Irish and Scandinavian!  What?!  My husband took a test as well and his results were also surprising.  When he shared this with his family, they pulled an elaborate prank on him, making him believe for a while that he was adopted.  (These are the times I’m glad I don’t have siblings haha).

If you're wondering what Caucasus is, it's an ethnicity mostly found in the area where Europe meets Asia.  Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.  

If you're wondering what Caucasus is, it's an ethnicity mostly found in the area where Europe meets Asia.  Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.  

The Ancestry DNA results are quite detailed, and not only did they tell me the percentage of ancestry, they also showed me a map of each area, and provided a history of the people from that region.  I also learned that I have 1,273 4th cousins or closer.  For someone who has only 2 first cousins, this is fascinating information.

The Ancestry DNA Results Are In!

I have so many questions!  Who did I get my dark hair from?  When did my ancestors first come to the United States?  Why did they settle in Kentucky?  With all of this surprising information, I now feel compelled to administer an Ancestry DNA test to all of my family members and start exploring my heritage further on  Which is probably the whole idea.  Well played, Ancestry.  

Overall, I’m very pleased with my Ancestry DNA experience, and finding out my true heritage was well worth the $99.  If you’d like to buy your own Ancestry DNA kit, you can save 10% by clicking the button below.



Has anyone else tried Ancestry DNA or a similar service?  Were your results as surprising as mine?!  Share your experience in the comments!