Favorite Things Friday

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1. My favorite guilty pleasure.

When it comes to TV, there’s nothing I love more than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Of course I try to keep up with some of the “cool” shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones, but there’s just no drama like Housewives drama.  I consider myself a bit of a RHOBH aficionado/stalker (see evidence below), so when a friend mentioned in passing that all of the seasons were available on Amazon Prime Video I was shocked that I didn’t already know this.  I immediately went home and purchased the first season and I’ve been having such a blast rewatching some of my favorite episodes. Season One was craaaaaazy. You’ve got Kyle’s iconic line, “You’re such a f*cking liar, Camille!”  Then there’s the dinner party from hell with Allison Dubois (the insane "medium") puffing away on her e-cig. And it all culminates with Kyle and Kim’s explosive feud in the back of a limo. Go on and watch for yourself. You know you want to.

2. Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé, but it should be.

In keeping with my Housewives obsession, I recently procured a case of Vanderpump Rosé.  Now that warm weather is upon us, rosé season has officially begun (not that I'm picky about when to enjoy a glass of delicious pink wine).  Seeing as how Lisa Vanderpump is my spirit animal, I just knew her product would be fabulous, dahling.  It is a very dry, crisp wine, just how I like it.  Perfect for enjoying on the patio, or on the couch while binge watching reality television.

3. Enjoying my outdoor space.

Warm weather has finally arrived in southwest Missouri!  Lillian and I have spent all week outdoors so I’ve been trying to clean up our patio space and get it ready to enjoy for the rest of the season.  I planted some herbs yesterday, and even bought a tomato plant and a strawberry plant, so say a little prayer that I can keep them alive and prevent the critters from eating the fruit.  Tips are appreciated!  I also want to add a few decorative items to spruce things up a bit.  Swipe through to check out some of my favorites below (click each photo to take you to the product page):

Right now Target has a deal on their outdoor and patio merchandise (valid 5/2-5/6): up to 25% off on patio items with an extra 15% off with code "SPRING".

4. Getting my body back on the mend.

Shoutout to our local sports nutrition shop, Supplement Superstore.  I’ve recently started working out more than I have in a long time. I’ve always done low-impact activities, like hot yoga, but recently I’ve been trying all kinds of new things, like an aerobic dance class and a HIIT workout.  It’s been a blast but my 31 year old body is a little reluctant. I stopped by the Supplement Superstore today to see what I could do to ease my achy joints and help me reach my goals. They spent over an hour with me going over different products, letting me try samples, and working with me to develop a meal plan.  I’m always happy to brag on great customer service, but it’s even better when it happens to be a local business. These days, Supplement Superstore has several locations across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, but it all started right here in SGF.

5. Yogavated leggings


The fitness studio that has ignited my passion for working out and is the cause of my sore muscles/tendons/joints is aptly named The Studio, and they are expanding to offer clothing and other items in a retail space called The Mvmnt.  I recently bought a pair of leggings from The Mvmnt that have become my new favorite brand. It’s called Yogavated and I’m obsessed with their modern and unique styling. They are silky smooth and have a waistband that holds everything in without squeezing.  The Mvmnt is holding a pop up shop this weekend so you can check them out for yourself. Details here! If you’re not local, you can check out Yogavated’s merchandise on their website.



What things are you loving this week?