9 Nifty Stocking Stuffers for Men

Seeing what Santa put in my stocking is my favorite part of Christmas morning.  Here are some useful and fun items guaranteed to make your man smile.

9 Nifty Stocking Stuffers for Men


1.  Mini bottles of booze.  Always a favorite.

2.  Gourmet rubs and spices.  Only a few more months til grilling season!

3.  A nylon wrapped charger cable.  The cables that come with your phone are too short and prone to splitting.  This nylon wrapped one is durable and comes in an extended length.

4.  Meat snacks.  My husband isn’t big on candy, but what guy doesn't love meat?  I know he’ll appreciate this exotic jerky sampler.

5.  Pop Socket.  This is a removeable adhesive stand for his phone that collapses in and out so it still fits in his pocket.  It comes in a bajillion different colors, but you can’t go wrong with basic black.

6.  Cologne samples.  The consultants at any beauty counter would probably be happy to provide you with a few samples for free.  Ask for their card and come back to purchase from that sales associate if your man decides he wants to buy a full size bottle.

7.  Scratchers tickets.  Hands down the best stocking stuffer for anyone, male or female.

8.  Scuff remover for shoes.  Not the most glamorous gift, but if your guy is anything like mine, he wants his kicks to look new.  This will get a lot of use.

9.  Poo-Pourri.  This is really more for you than him.  Trust me. 


What else would you add to this list?