5-Minute DIY Anthropologie Inspired Decor

5-Minute DIY Anthropologie Inspired Decor

When I was putting together my roundup of chic and stylish Valentine’s Day decor, I stumbled across this gorgeous art piece from Anthropologie.  I’ve always had a thing for vintage pieces.  They tell a story and have a history that just can’t be duplicated with something brand new.  The idea of vintage envelopes, which may have contained beautiful love letters, is a fantastic decor idea for Valentine’s Day.  However, $498 is just not in my budget.

Do you ever look at something in a store and think, “I could make that”?  I do all the time.  Mostly because I'm cheap and I hate paying for something I could do myself.  Sometimes my DIY project works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Often, the time I spend trying to recreate something I’ve seen in a store or online isn’t worth the savings, and sometimes I spend more on craft supplies than I would have spent to buy the original product in the first place.  This Anthropologie project, though, was not only inexpensive, but it took a whopping 5 minutes to complete.

I know that I have some love letters from my great-grandfather to my great-grandmother, but I was unable to locate them.  If you have old letters or envelopes from family members, that would make this project even more special.  As it was, I hopped onto Etsy and found a set of a dozen vintage envelopes for $11.  While I was waiting for those to arrive, I looked for a similar frame to the one in the Anthropologie piece, with no luck.  

Since I was unable to find a large frame that was transparent and could accommodate envelopes of varying sizes, I ended up using a clip frame that I got at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago for about $20.  You can find similar frames here and here.  The clip frame has a more rustic look than the glass frame, but I like that I’ll easily be able to switch out the envelopes for my great-grandparents’ letters once I locate them.  Not to mention, it only took me 5 minutes to arrange the envelopes in the clip frame.

5-Minute DIY Anthropologie Inspired Decor
  • Anthropologie piece: $498

  • My version:  $31

  • Savings:  $467

Even though I was unable to locate a frame exactly like the one from Anthropologie, I’m still pretty happy with how this project turned out, and I’m extremely pleased with the price.

Have you ever attempted a DIY version of something you saw in a store?  Share in the comments!