I Tried that Lola Tampon Subscription - Here's What I Thought!

Lola Tampon Subscription review

Let’s talk tampons, shall we?  I hesitated to post this on my blog, but then I thought, why?  Why, in 2016, when we may very well elect our first female president, are our periods still a taboo topic?  I think if an Olympic swimmer can discuss her menstrual cramps on NBC I can suck it up and share some useful information with my readers.

Real talk: after having a baby things changed down there.  The tampons that I had been using since I was a teen were now irritating me to the point where I was switching to pads by the end of my cycle.  There’s nothing wrong with pads, they’re just not my preferred choice.  I kept seeing these Facebook ads for Lola tampons, and I was curious.  

Lola is a company, founded by two young women, that provides organic tampons via a monthly subscription.  First, I love that the company was founded by women.  I’m all about girl power anyway, but who knows more about women’s needs than women themselves?  Second, I have heard of organic cotton but never have I considered it as an ingredient in feminine hygiene products.  Which made me wonder… what was in the tampons I’ve been using all these years?  According to the box, rayon and/or cotton fiber, polyester or cotton string, and polysorbate 20.  It’s a little sketchy whenever you see “and/or” on a list of ingredients.  I wondered whether the 100% organic cotton Lola tampon would help with my irritation, so I signed up.

Lola tampon subscription review

Lola tampons are slightly more expensive than what you can typically buy at the store.  But you get them delivered to your door, and you can completely customize your box with various absorbencies.  You can also skip a shipment or cancel anytime.  

When I received my first box I noticed the beautiful, simplistic packaging.  I usually keep a box of tampons in a basket in my guest bathroom, and I love how the sleek design doesn’t draw attention to itself.  (Can we all get on the same page that feminine products don’t need to be bright pink?).  

But did they work for me?  YES!  I had zero discomfort or irritation with Lola, and the absorbency was right on par with what I was used to using.  I’m so happy I found this product!

If you want to use a convenient, natural product that supports female entrepreneurs, give Lola a try.  Use my referral code, MHerschend1, to get a $5 credit!

Lola tampon subscription review