October 2016 Book Club

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, I like to read a spooky book each October.  Stephen King is my favorite author, so I typically select one of his many novels or collections of short stories.  But when a friend told me about Joe Hill, I knew I had to check him out.


Mind. Blown.  

If you love Stephen King, you'll love this author!

I imagine that being Stephen King’s son is a lot to live up to if you’re trying to make it as a writer, which is why Joe Hill uses a pen name.  After reading his novel, NOS4A2, I don’t think he’s got anything to worry about.  Talent definitely runs in the family.  

Although Hill currently has 4 novels and 2 short story collections, I chose NOS4A2 after scouring the reviews on Goodreads, and was not disappointed.

NOS4A2 begins with an 8 year old girl named Vic discovering that she can manifest from her imagination a real bridge that takes her wherever she needs to go.  As she gets older, she learns that there are others like her (“strong creatives”), that can also create real places out of their imaginations.  One such character is Charlie Manx, who drives around in a Rolls Royce with a NOS4A2 vanity plate.  As his plate suggests, Manx is a vampire-esque figure who kidnaps children and takes them to a terrifying amusement park called Christmasland.  Vic was the only child ever to escape Manx, and now he’s after her son.

The suspense builds as Vic uses her bridge to try to follow Manx into the horrifying world of his imagination, and rescue her son before Manx can turn him into something unrecognizable.

I’m so excited to have found another author that gives me the supernatural thrills and great character development that I’ve come to love from Stephen King.

One of my favorite things about reading my first Joe Hill novel is that he occasionally pays homage to his father’s work.  I spotted 2 Stephen King references but I'm sure I missed a couple.

What are you reading this October?