Create a Sense of Luxury with this Simple Household Product

Nothing screams “I’m 30!” like talking about hand soap.  But ever since I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’ve had more respect for the seemingly mundane things in my home.

If you haven’t read the book, it truly is life-changing.  One of the biggest takeaways is that you should LOVE EVERYTHING in your home, and that includes your hand soap.

We spend so much time making our hands look pretty, with manicures and jewelry, then we go and wash them multiple times a day with cheap soap that can dry them out and make them scaly.  Make hand-washing a luxurious experience and you’ll be inclined to do it more frequently - which is a must with cold and flu season upon us.

Choose a hand soap with a scent that you love.  There’s no reason for your hand soap to smell like something you’d use in a middle school bathroom.  I’m a big fan of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products, which can be found at Target.  They have seasonal scents that are to die for (hello, Apple Cider!), but they also have their tried and true favorites, such as Honeysuckle and Lemon Verbena.  I love that their ingredients are all natural.  I’m slowly starting to remove chemicals from our home, and our soap is a great place to start.

Just a small sample of the different scents we use at my house.

Just a small sample of the different scents we use at my house.

I even got my grandma hooked on Mrs. Meyers when she came to visit this summer.  There’s no Target in her town, and she doesn’t use the internet, so every couple of months I send her a new shipment of soap. Adorable.

I love the JR Watkins apothecary branding.

I love the JR Watkins apothecary branding.






JR Watkins soaps are another favorite in my house.  I must say I was initially reeled in by the apothecary style branding, but I was not disappointed in the formula of the product.  It’s very moisturizing, and the Aloe and Green Tea scent has a fresh, clean vibe that’s perfect for the bathroom.






Method hand soaps are yet another great choice.  With biodegradable ingredients and natural extracts, these are some of the most environmentally friendly liquid soaps I’ve come across.  They have a wide array of scents, but Sea Minerals and Waterfall make me feel like I’ve escaped to the spa.  

All of these hand soaps have beautiful packaging, but if you want a soap dispenser that matches your design aesthetic, there are some great choices from Target to match any decor.